Klassna Pomeranians at the dog shows
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KLASSNA show results 2017

UK TOP POMERANIAN of The Year 2017 event


Chelsey - TOP adult Bitch #1
Blondie - TOP Puppy #1 and ABSOLUTE WINNER of the show
Hankey - Top Puppy #3
Lexi - Top Puppy #4
Tory and Charmie are semi-finalists in a great competition

Huge thanks to our judge Rosalind Berney (Aurum Pomeranians) and all of The Pom club committee for such a fantastic event.

Not to forget our qualifier Imogen who was not here today, but she has achieved
UK TOP Pom Puppy of the Year 2017 award already /by "Our Dogs" UK Champ Shows winning points/
Well done team KLASSNA so happy and so proud for you xxx


"Klassna Just Imagine Gleniren, It was no puppy who could stop this little ball going all the way at this show...”**
and to the TOP!!!
That a show baby girl - officially unbeaten in Minor Puppy -
7 out of 7 Champ shows
in a great competition under respectable judges.
UK Top Puppy in the Breed in just 2 month! Wow feeling proud and happy breeder :))

*Our Dogs UK
**from Imogen’s show critique by Mr S Wilberg

Huge Well done Klassna's at Midland Counties Champ Show


Sixth Sense Hankey Bannister by Klassna - 1PD, Best Puppy Dog in Breed
Klassna Grand Prix - 1PGD
Pomhaven's Simply Charming For Klasssna - 1OD, Best Dog and BEST of BREED
Klassna I Love Lexi Travillon - 1PB, Best Puppy Bitchand BEST PUPPY in BREED
Klassna Hot Story at Travillon - 2JB
Thank You to the judge Keith Baldwin

Congratulations to Glen and "IMOGEN" on winning TOY PUPPY GROUP 1 at SWKA Champ Show

Imogen's show critique by the breed judge Kevan Berry:
"What a little poppet, so compact and at one with handler,
she has the sweetest head, nicely proportioned, good pigmentation,
sound, free, brisk moving puppy
that was a joy to judge and it was my pleasure to award her Best Puppy and later she topped a strong Toy Puppy Group"

Super Well done to Glenn Robb with our very special baby "IMOGEN" Klassna Just Imagine Gleniren
The Overall Winner of Eukanuba Puppy Stakes at Driffield Championship Show 2017

Richmond Championship Show 2017

Our babies "Imogen" and "Hankey" won both BEST PUPY in BREED and BEST PUPPY DOG again!
"Imogen" also went to win 4th place in TOY PUPPY GROUP
Our charming "Charmie" won 1PGD and our lovely "Chelsey" make us super proud and won 1LB and her first CC !!!
Many thanks to the judges



Bournemouth Championship Show 2017


Our babies "Hankey" and "Imogen" won both BEST PUPY in BREED and BEST PUPPY BITCH
The breed judge wrote in the show critique anout "Hankey":
"Nice head proportions with lovely excpression, short in back with correct tailset, good coat in top condition and such a little show man,
pleased to see him awarded PUPPY GROUP 4..."

Huge Well done Klassna's at Wales Kennel Club Champ Show - ALL FIRSTS xxx

Klassna Hot Story at Travillon "Tory" - 1st PB, Best Puppy Bitch in Breed
Klassna Just Imogen "Imogen" - 1st Minor Puppy Bitch
Pomhaven's Gotta Have a Dream at Klasssna - 1st PG Bitch
Klassna Daydreamer For Bilijees - 1st Limit Dog

Paington Championship Show 2017

The first show and The first win! Our baby "Imogen" won BEST PUPY in BREED and 4th place in TOY PUPPY GROUP
The breed judge Mark Cocozza wrote in his show critique about "Imogen":
"Loved her, gorgeous all over, could have taken her home. A Star in the making..."
Our "Chelsey" also won 1st PGB and RECERVE CC
Many thanks to the judges

Huge Well done to Trevor and Teresa Killick with their lovely Klassna girls xxx

National Championship Show May 2017 - Klassna Call Me A Star of Travillon "Mea"
won 1st Limit Bitch, CC and BEST in BREED. Thank you to the judge Mr Bryan Claydon
Bath Championship Show May 2017 - Klassna Hot Story at Travillon "Tory"
won 1st Minor Puppy, RECERVE CC and BEST PUPY in BREED. Thank you to the judge Dr G Curr

WELKS Championship Show April 2017
Three KLASSNAs - "Tory", "Mea" and "Buddy" won their classes ! Many thanks to the judge Mrs Averil Cawthera-Purdy
Well done Klassnas :))

Nice day at CRUFTS 2017

"Mea" 1st, won her class, "Buddy"
2nd YD, "Teddy" Klassna First Prime - 3rd JD

Manchester Championship Show January 2017
Our baby boy "Charmie" Pomhaven's Simply Charming For Klassna - won BEST PUPY in BREED and TOY PUPPY GROUP 2nd place!!!
"Happy" went 1st in Limit and won RECERVE CC, "Mea" also won her class 1PG!
Many Thanks to the judge specialist Mr William Stone x


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